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Smart and optimal
EV charging management
for your fleet

Optiev:Smart and Optimal way for EV fleet management

Typical issueswhen planning the shift
from ICE (Petrol Engined Car) to EVs.

Management wants to make an environmental contribution with minimum risk
Not sure how to plan,
set up a budget
Unsure whether current operations can be carried out with EVss

Opteiv will support your EV fleet management
by optimizing operation and its cost by utilizing statistical analysis
and our optimization engine.

EV Shift Support Service

Based on vehicle usage and electricity consumption at your site,
we report on the potential budget,
ideal charger and charging schedule required to operate your EV fleet.

battery life and driving range

Charging facilities limitation and charging time

high cost and load of electricity when vehicles charges simultaneously

Optiev Web Service

(Scheduled to be released in fall 2023)

Optieve Web Service (SaaS or API) automatically arranges the charging schedule
in real time based on the EV's battery level and future operating schedule,
and controls the charger according to the schedule.

<Optiev is NOT ordinary Peak Control>

Optiev Web Serviceの特長

Case Studies

Public EV charger management system "VOLTA"

Although We were one of the first companies in the world to develop a system for EV charging network operations (We developed it before 1st Nissan Leaf was launched!), The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake stalled the promotion of EVs in Japan and the operators that used our system have ceased service. However, we have all rights to the system and still have the resources, plus newly acquired achievement to offer it to operators who are already in or thinking of getting into the public charger management business.

Ministry of the Environment Japan
Global warming countermeasure technology development project
EV taxi dispatch and operation system "EVOT"

We are proud to say that our EV taxi dipatching system is unique and has been chosen by Japan's Ministry of the Environment, as it incorporates a number of sophisticated systems, including real-time battery level monitoring, electricity consumption prediction, automatic charger reservation and taxi demand forecasting, to enable EV taxis to be operated freely as ICE vehicles. To find out more about our system, it is easier to contact us than to look it up in the Japanese National Diet Library.

The VOLTA charger management system was chosen for the operating system of the battery-replaceable electric bike sharing system.

The VOLTA system was customised and put into operation for EV bike-sharing system in Kamakura City. Our system can also be adapted for battery-replaceable electric bike-sharing systems.

EV taxi dispatch and operation system for Osaka

With 32 taxi operators, EV taxi dispatch system developed by us went into operation in Osaka in 2011, for Osaka Prefecture EV taxi promotion project with EVOT consotium.